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Lakeside Point
[Lakeside Point]

Our trip began with two days for just the three BFFs, with the hubbies joining us for the next three days. The house was lovely, the view was spectacular and the weather was absolutely perfect for post mid-September. We spent a lot of time on the main level deck just watching the lake action (although pretty quiet on week days), gazing at the mountains, watching the sunsets and staring up at the expanse of stars never seen in the lights of the big city. Although we had a great time hanging out on the dock sunning, swimming and floating, the lake had been lowered so much that the dock was resting at an angle that made it difficult to stay balanced at times. It made the steep trek to the lake and back even more challenging because of the extra distance where the water would have otherwise been. The good part about it is that all the exercise meant I didn't gain a single pound during our vacation (even with the delicious meals we prepared)! Overall we had a fantastic time and before we left we were already contemplating a return in 2016. I highly recommend this property, just not for anyone with mobility issues or chronic breathing conditions because they wouldn't be able to get back and forth to the lake from the house. I'm glad we are all in good shape so we could enjoy everything this property has to offer!
Date Added: 10/01/2015 by Lora Miller

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